Sean O'Dowd

Designer and Developer
from Melbourne, Australia.
Available for local & remote work.


Calamari Kid

iOS + Android

Arcade Treasure Hunt built in Unity3D

Role: Lead Design, Development and Publishing

Accounting VR


Nightmare Adventure Comedy built in Unity3D

Role: Developer of Interaction Systems, Localisation, Tools

Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger and The Terribly Cursed Emerald.


A comedy heist featuring Simon Amstell

Role: Lead Developer


iOS + Android

360 Video Platform built in Unity3D

Role: iOS Developer


iOS + Android

A Post-Apocalyptic Horror built in Unity3D

Role: Design and Lead Developer

About me

I was 16 when I started work as a house painter.

I saw my future in a paint can and within a year I had quit.

Following my passion of programming and design, I started Freelancing.

6 years later, I've accumulated projects worth mentioning.

Working alongside Crows Crows Crows, Stefan Sagmeister, Justin Roiland and the local neighbourhood watch.



Programming & Engineering

Mobile / VR & Optimisation

C# & iOS Development

Product Design

Mobile App and Game Design

Web Design & Development

UI & UX Design

Interactivity & Animation

Detailed Compositions


  • Utilising Unity3D as a development platform for Games and VR Applications
  • Deep understanding of .NET Optimisation and Unity3D Technology (UGUI, IL2CPP, SRP, ECS)
  • Programming with GLSL shaders and node based editors (ShaderForge, Amplify)
  • AI Programming with Behaviour Trees, A* Pathfinding and Machine Learning
  • Native iOS Development and Deployment
  • Device agnostic HTML5, CSS3 and JS
  • Designing intefaces for Mobile, Web and Desktop
  • Emphasising User Experience through micro-interactions and animation
  • Strong understanding of optimising assets for Retina and High Resolution displays with minimal impact on bandwidth and performance
  • Implementing Responsive Web Design techniques to create Web sites that adjust to desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms

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